Laura Anderson
Laura Anderson

She’s moved on with Love Island 2015 winner Max Morley following her ex Paul Knops publicly snubbed her by claiming she wasn’t’wife material’.

And Laura Anderson held her head high when she made a solitary coming at the star-studded ITV gala on her at the Royal Festival Hall, at London on Tuesday.

The feisty Scottish celebrity, 29, appeared magnificent in her cold shoulder red dress, which caressed every inch of her slim frame

Laura revealed no signs of heartache when she beamed brightly in the cameras only weeks after her breakup with Paul Knops.

Nevertheless, the blonde has set him well and truly from her mind because she embarks on her new love with Max Morley.

Taking to social websites to showcase her new relationship, Laura wrote:’Seeing today’s media; I think it’s fairly clear from how I acted in the villa that I’m not a”sour ex


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