Cisco Live! 2018 at a glance

Tech Updates


Chuck Robbins, opening keynote

A thunderous bass and some bright lights kicked off Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins’ opening keynote, which was about solving some of the world’s biggest problems by improving the network infrastructure it’s built on. While the infrastructure in place today has helped deliver health, education and other resources to all parts of the world, Robbins suggests there is another level we haven’t achieved. By opening up its DNA Center to third parties, Cisco looks to help transform a scattered network of devices into a single, programmable system that will usher in a new wave of innovation. Robbins pointed to the work they’ve done growing their developer community, DevNet, and how its surpassed 500,000 registered users. He also touted the success of their latest Catalyst 9000 switches, and said they’re the “fastest-ramping product in the history of Cisco.”